Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prank or sign?

The other day, I came home from class and found a package waiting for me in the mail box. I'm getting a new phone soon so i thought it was it and was definitely pumped.
Upon reading the packaging though, i discovered I had no idea what was inside.
I tore open the small cardboard box and found a lovely, generous sample box of Tena Bladder Control Pads. Inside was a pamphlet thanking me for my interest in the product and explaining the benefits of the cucumber melon scented, disposable cotton pads.
I know some serious haters in my life, so this coouuuld have been sent me to embarrass me? I'm not sure, but i certainly never requested a sample pack...
I threw them away but i'm definitely wondering how and why i was sent these handy bladder pads.
especially considering my pee problem intolerance... maybe karma will be bitting me in the butt, or bladder, because of my current tolerance levels and i'll sadly need this recently disposed sample pack...
i sure hope not.

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