Saturday, April 10, 2010

My dreams

when i was a child, i saved a Saint Bernard from being euthanized at the pound with my mother. I named the big dog Oliver, because i felt like he was an orphan. I loved that dog more than anything. I slept with him, dressed him up in my mother's pajamas... we were besties.
Then we moved to FL for 6 months and my father had him euthanized.haha. yeah i know, it sucked.

So when i grow up, you know, get my own place, have and job and my own money, i'll get a Saint Bernard. I decided this earlier this year.
Just now though, i was stumpbling upon websites and came across this picture.
And i've just decided, i need to do this.
and i will.


  1. I want that fox. Did you take that picture?

  2. Its a dog! they shaved it and dyed its mane red. Genius! exactly what i'm going to do with my future Saint Bernard.