Monday, May 31, 2010

I kind of

want to get on facebook again. but when i think about what i could do instead, when i make just the smallest extra effort to entertain myself, I think of great things.. like making tea and getting my journal out or reading. hey, maybe i can draw. i need the practice. who knows?
whatever I end up doing instead of facebook, it still just comes down to the fact that i'm without activity this evening-

which is actually okay with me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hello definition of awesome

Up state NY

is absolutely gorgeous. I've been here all week.
Super great mountains, fields, forests, streams, lakes, rivers, sunsets and stars.
You guys should check it out.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Last night

I got really full of some ice cream and drove down to the mall to see my friend who works in a skate shop. He gave me boxes from the back of the store so I could start packing :) Then I hung out there for a while, and decided to fill out an aplication.
They said they need more girls to work there, which sounds good cuz i'd much rather work with mostly boys-any day. Girls are weird and take shit personally.
Then a new friend of mine walked in and applied with me. haha it was a great time. I was there for like two hours.
I hope I get the job.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Not only

Did my roommate wake me up from a lovely dream, but she also took the silverwear out of the freaking kitchen. WTCRAP

i had to mix my coffee with a rubber spatula thing my dad gave me. i'm going to the thrift store and buying a fucking spoon.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

woah, oil spill

crazy pictures...

This is...

a picture of my brother getting poop off his leg
thank you, jersey shore.


I just "deactivated" my facebook. I'm upset that I can't permanently destroy it... I'm afraid I'll go back since its so easy to do so.
I want to feel more disconnected than I do now. It will probably take a while to set in.

I did this because I find myself never getting on facebook when things are going well with my life. When I don't feel perpetually bored or alone and I feel satisfied with the relationships in my life, I never sit in front of fb and scan through profiles and pictures and messages.
So I decided to take it out of my life.. I want to fill the space with drawing or exorcising-both I should do more of.
Life is so fleeting, and to spend too much time with your brain turned off, is to waste the point of your existence- to enjoy yourself and everything around you to its fullest.

or at least that's what i think

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My cute lil roommates

whom i hate a lot, decided to start taking back the belongings we decided we would share. Microwave, toaster, trash bag, and now the toilet paper. We all dislike each other, but have somehow managed to be respectful and realistic in this crappy little house. Recently however, things have taken a downturn for a reason i truly do not know.

In my instant state of fury after receiving a smart ass answer to my question of "why did you take the toilet paper out of the bathroom?", I came up with an idea.
We have this big self in the kitchen that has given all of us counter space and a bunch of room to put food. My sister bought it with our roommates back in the glory days of our peaceful household, but our roommates failed to pay her for their portion of the price (right around the time we all stopped being friends, so my sister decided to just own the shelf and allow them to use it)

I took our food off the shelf, put it in our cabnet space/my room, and dismantled the shelf. I laughed as I put all of their food on the floor. In their shelves was cups full of silverwear and plates they didn't want me to use anymore. Its adorable how much effort they've put into trying to slightly inconvienence me.
My sister and I are moving out soon, so I was going to have to take the thing apart soon anyway.

When I came home after destroying the kitchen, my cute lil roommates had taken apart the dinning room table and chairs. As I live in the dinning room of this house, I was quite happy about it. Thanks guys, for taking apart an ikea table and set of four chairs just so I have more space in my room!

Thanks again, roommies. You're the best.

In my past life...

I believe i was an african american from the ghetto.
That's how much i love hip hop/how hard i am.
just sayin.