Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cutting down

trees in the snow leaves
the blood of their trunks
across the forest floor
like a murder on a bathroom door...
The evidence blunt and vulgar.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I don't

really know how to contain myself sometimes....
When I hear parents scold children for simple, understandable mistakes, I almost burst with frustration. I can't imagine making children feel deeply guilty for anything.. the whole point of being a child is to learn, which requires making mistakes. Yes, reprehend and correct. Punish if necessary, but for god's sakes, don't kill their spirit. I want to diiiiiie hearing mean ass parents. Thank god, they just left. Poor kid.
At least his mom lets him grow out his hair. Little boy had hair past his shoulders.
Sure, have long as crap hair, but NO you can't get out of this toy store without being yelled at at least three times.

I need

to be trained more completely before I am left in this store alone.
Moms on a rush to pick up their children, I think, will be my worst nightmare in this store. A cluster fuck of a transaction was just made a moment ago, right after I had to literally run and speed like crazy person to get my Wawa sandwich as my only co worker on staff was waiting for me to get back so that SHE could go to pick up her child from day care.
Those ten minutes of stress is the first time I've been stressed since starting here, though. So while it may seem like this is a complaint or me venting my woes, it's actually a HALLELUJAH! that I don't work anywhere else. Toy stores rock.