Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Middle Eastern Slap Fest

The other day in my communication/speech class, my professor was giving an example of how a person can not behave the way they normally would in their home culture in some other cultures... He told a story about a middle eastern brother and sister who were in America for one reason or another. Apparently in their homeland, a woman is strictly forbidden to ever contradict a man in public-especially not a father or brother. Bad news for this sister who decided to say something contradictory to her brother at dinner in America because as soon as she did, her brother slapped her across the face.

This story was meant to be dramatic and surprising... Bad news for me who, as soon as my professor said it, I busted out laughing... and couldn't stop for several minutes.
I mean, it would utterly ridiculous if this happened at your dinner party. Picture it.
You are the host family, out to dinner with your cool new foreign friends. You're expecting a night of interesting conversation made up of worldly views. Then all the sudden, out of no where, you witness a straight up bitch slap.

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