Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i almost killed a woman

on my way back from the art supply store today.
I had a green light, turning left, and was yielding to oncoming traffic.
This woman was crossing the street, unfortunately, at the same time, and because I was paying attention to the oncoming traffic instead of this broad in the wrong place, she yelled and threw her hands up. I slammed on my breaks and motioned where I was watching to the woman, all the while apologizing...
But as I drove off, sliding my hood over my head in shame over my close call, I thought, "hey, what was that lady doing crossing the street there anyhow?"

yeah she was in the crosswalk, but i highly doubt the little white walking man was flashing at the time. no, i'm sure there must have been a big ol' red hand with a SLASH right through it, shouting at this woman to STAY PUT, OR THAT DRIVER WILL CERTAINLY NEARLY CRUSH YOU.

just sayin, it might not be my b.

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