Thursday, October 21, 2010

You're so perfect

with your golden shinning, wispy hair. your graceful hands and your pleasant, entrancing voice. you're laugh is contagious and your smile adorable. so genuine. its like you smile through your heart, not your mouth.
you give off light and energy constantly. even when your sad or feel anxious or afraid. you feel caged, like a bird. but you still sore. every day you sour. you're soul and spirit illuminate the people and earthly things around you. You fly through them.
its clear how truly a part of this earth you are. You exist within each other. One can't survive with out the other. If you died and never rejoined the soil, the soil would rot away. with out it in you, you would rot away. breathing together, as always.
your naturally smooth figure and your comfortable posture. your legs, so womanly. and your cheeks, so fresh.
the lacy, casual and beautiful clothing your wear. how it drapes off of you but still shows us the beauty of your body. Not as an object to be admired but more so that the life of your body can be seen. your essence shines through your body.
you see life in the day. you try your best to enjoy each hour, desperately trying not to look too far ahead. That's scary and things will happen as they may. you let them may.
i admire you, i see you and respect you for who you are. I'm not in love with you, just am very happy to be your friend.
I think maybe we're thinking of each other now. that or we're both pondering on the same things at the moment. I'm wrestling with what goals to walk away from and what aspirations to fallow. Is what i'm doing truly the best way to fill this part of my life?

i wonder if i'll let this person know its about them.

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