Thursday, October 14, 2010


is this really pretty girl I know from back home in Georgia. I think I knew who she was, or at least of her for many years but it wasn't until just a few months before I moved up North did we become friends.
I like her because she's truly sweet. She is a kind, fun loving person who is easy to talk to. Her humor is unique and everything she does is somehow adorable. She has a cute hair cut all the time and dresses like a classy lady. Cuz she is one.
Right before I moved to Philly I met a couple of people I really wish I'd gotten to spend more time with.
You know, this past winter she gave me a Christmas CD that her brother's friends made. I thought/think it's hilarious. Crappy singing and sound makers. So great. Surprisingly my sister didn't find it funny. Don't get it.
Anneke is definitely one of kind. She will, without a doubt, have some really fun adventures in life. She'll also be a great wife and mommy one day. You can just tell.
I see good things for her. For sure.

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