Thursday, October 28, 2010

The leaves

are letting go today. Driving this morning, each gust of wind brought a beautiful rainfall of orange and yellow leaves. I love how they dance through the sky. Kissing the edges of each direction they take. Fluttering past me. I reach my hand out, hoping to touch them as they glide through their journey to the ground, to sit, to rot, to be forever. Their lives are so futile. Water and sun birthed them through the branches. They grew green and strong and held on tight. The cool breezes and night freezes made them weak. Tainting their pigment, loosening their grip to their anchor branch. The wind gusts them away, resting them on the floor of the earth. They toss around and dry out, then get caught up in the soil some how. They decay. They desinegrate. Soon enough they are indesiferable from the rest of the ground.
Humans live the same way. Its as simple as that. Birth, growth, strength, life, then exposure to the elements. Weakness, then death. We fall from life and become part of the earth. Our limbs entangled with the roots of trees and old leaves. Eventually, our bodies are no different than the dirt on our shoes.
Its as simple as that.

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