Friday, December 10, 2010

Today was

my last day of classes. No more college for Natalie. She's done for a while.
Well.. I have finals next week. BUT my classes are done.

I left art history and wanted to hug my professor, share with him the moment I was having. He would have taken it in with me. He's that kind of man, you'd know I was right if you knew him.
That's a moment I'll regret for a while. There's seconds in life that are full of human spirit and opportunity. They're on the brink of being something you'll always remember. And sometimes I let my feet fall into them. Other times... fear stops me. Even if it is just for a second.
Hesitation is your worst enemy. Fear and hesitation.
If you wait, you'll miss it. You will, and it will be gone forever.

I can't get that back. But I guess that's alright.
I connected with another person today, in a very surprising way. So I guess it all comes out even.
Nature is constantly trying to achieve equilibrium. It's a fact. Symmetry and equality.
We'll never get there, but all we can ever do, day to day, is try.

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