Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm officially

beginning my process for writing music. i think lyrics will need to be my first start.
emotions into words into song. i've started writing a little bit. trying to keep a tempo.. a beat of some kind.
oh and not to sound generic. steering away from using cliche words and phrases is difficult. when there is a file in your brain, stock full of words that easily express your feelings, stopping yourself from tapping into it is hard.

it's also difficult to not be overly obvious about who you're writing about. maybe all the artists out there make it really clear to the person they're writing about too, but it seems inconspicuous to the rest of us. doubtful.
hello, just be creative please. pleaaase. i've gotta tap into this part of my talent. i have a feeling it's there, and i think everyone can do whatever they want, so i'm gunna do it.
i'm gunna have a song or two ready... and it'll be good. so there.

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