Wednesday, December 22, 2010


everyone should understand that i love ballet with my whole little heart and that one day i will dedicate my whole life to becoming a ballerina. idk if it'll be when i'm 50 or 23 but i need to do it. i need to work at those tiny idiosyncrasies over and over again until i go mad. i need to kill myself trying to be graceful, to lift, to lower my shoulders, to turn out my leg, to raise my chin, point my foot.
i can't wait for my toes to bleed from doing point. i can't wait to hate my teacher for pushing me so hard.
i have such a deep passion for an art form i've hardly tried, i don't get it. i usually have to realize i'm good at something to fall in love with it, but i mean.. my "stumble" sends me to ballet pictures all the time. i cry during ballet movies...ballet shows. my ballet dream is like a 5 year old's dream to be president. possible but seemingly impossible.
but definitely possible.

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