Monday, May 2, 2011

So Osama

is dead. What does that mean to me, you ask? Well… Not too much.
Just about the only way this news affects me personally is a newly evoked curiosity.
Now that he’s gone, I’m not too sure if he ever wasn't.
Was he ever the leader of al-Qaeda?
Was he behind the 911 “attacks” (no, that was just Bush).
Was he ever hiding in caves, sending out evil video messages to the world?
I kind of doubt it.

He might have been a tool that the government used to keep us afraid and in support of the wars. Did Obama decide to pull the trigger on this “terrorist” so that he may start to end the war? Probably. Because if Obama is not in the process of ending this war come the 2012 election, his chances of being reelected are SLIM TO NONE. He has to have a legend other than “obama-care”.

I've given up on politics and voting. I still listen to the news everyday because for some reason or anther I feel the need to be informed, even if it's misinformation. No matter who we elect, no matter how hard I campaign for a person, idea or cause, ultimately it's out of my hands. If I had billions of dollars or was the leader of an oil-rich country, sure I'd have some say so. But that's not me. I'm just another one of the citizens in this country lead by the man we like to call, "The leader of the free world".

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