Monday, May 2, 2011

Aladdin is

one of the best movies of our time. I mean.. the animation alone is so completely amazing. But the lessons it teaches are so great.
1) A lot of things and people may seem bad, crappy, cheep or nothing special- but when taking a deeper second look, you can find "diamonds in the rough"- which is what Aladdin is referred to as. He's considered a street rat, but he only steals to eat. One bad thing a person does doesn't make them a bad person.
2) Freedom is the only way to be completely happy. Aladdin, Jasmine and the Jeanie all crave to be the leader of their lives and all three suffer terribly when they are controlled.
3) Be yourself!! Jeanie begs Aladdin to just be himself when he becomes a prince and is about to meet the Princess for the second time. Aladdin ignores his advice and pays for it at least twice. Jasmine rips him a new one after their carpet ride... then if he hadn't been so focused on keeping up his story, he would have freed Jeanie, making Jafar's take over impossible.
4) Marry for love. Uh duh.
5) It doesn't matter what god you pray to. Cultures are all different but not many religions are. They say Allah at least three times in the movie. I bet sooo much money that Disney wont be taking Aladdin out of the vault ANY time soon. American mommies don't want anything but Jesus' name uttered in praise to be heard by their fat little dumplings' ears.

That's my ¢2.

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  1. Aladdin was an awesome movie! Also, my kids wont be fat little dumplings, and they'll probably be born in Europe if i have my way :)