Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I woke

to a dry erase board note telling me to please clean up my dishes before I leave for the morning.
Last night I had a friend over so we left some bowls and plates in the sink, nothing nuts.
The note leaver is making a crock pot dinner today... so I suppose she'd like to have space to... cook? no... um... oh! serve a couple plates of food. woow, I guess there just isn't enough room on ANY of the counters for that job to be accomplished. So little room that waiting for me to get the dishes later in the day might ruin the whole dinner and therefor a notice of task doing requests must be left!
Or... this person could just give me the BENIFIT OF THE DOUBT that I understand very well how and when I should clean up after myself. NO, I am not an extremely tidy person. Yes my shit would be everywhere if someone weren't around for it to get it their way... but that's the point. I'm considerate.
Petty, micromanagement of my behavior is not a way to treat a 20 year old... Maybe if I were living at home and this person were my mother or father. HUH. But that's not the case now, is it?

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