Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've known

for plenty of time that, eventually, I am going to get another tattoo. A smaller one this time, and of a name. "Conchett." Conchett, a boy, was my imaginary friend when I was a young kid.
I have sort of kind of memories of Conchett, and the things we used to do.
Actually, they're probably just those memories you materialize in your mind after hearing stories from family members for years and years. Kyle and Caylynn laugh sometimes at the memory of me, a very small twig of a kid, rambling on in my car seat about the maps Conchett and I made, how we followed the maps all day, and how I'd once seen Conchett save Caylynn from a bear in the woods!
Yes, Conchett was a hero, smart, and quick on his feet. No one told me those last things exactly, but I somehow remember them to be true. I also have a mental image of him in my mind's eye. It's incomplete and vague... but oddly real.

Hearing about Conchett again a few months ago, I felt really inspired. The idea that I've always been exploring and imagining made me happy to think about. And the fact that my imagination as a child had a face, a name, a personality.. how great!
All the sudden it occurred to me that having Conchett's name as a tattoo would be a great reminder to me to keep imagining and and exploring. I feel really solid about it.
I'd have gotten this token already but I've had a hard time deciding HOW I'd like it done. Even with a single name, there are limitless options.. Simplicity or intricacy? Classic or creative? In sight or hidden?

We'll see. But I'm getting impatient so you know, I'll probably rush into a decision and learn to love whatever comes of it, no matter what. As long as it's his name, the rest doesn't matter too much. Tattoos make things you believe to be bigger and better than yourself somehow a part of you. The images outlast your life.

jk I wont rush-
but I'll focus and get a dang decision made, that's for sure.

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