Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There is

one show on television that is actually good. The Big C.
I am an avid show watcher of various programs such as Community, 30 Rock, Weeds, Chelsea Lately and more, but all of them are close to mindless entertainment (30 Rock actually has pretty great writers..) BUT none hail in comparison to The Big C on showtime.
The acting, the writing and the way it's produced is top notch. I haven't deleted a single episode from my DVR b/c I can't bring myself to. Each episode is fantastic.
I seriously advise all of my followers (you know, the three of you haha) to watch this show from start to end. The last episode of the first season just aired Monday night.
It leaves me feeling uplifted but reflective. Motivated and grateful. It's funny, sad, serious and sexy. BLAH i've neeever liked a show so much before (besides maybe Grey's Anatomy but now that show SUCKS)
Go watch.

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