Sunday, May 9, 2010


I just "deactivated" my facebook. I'm upset that I can't permanently destroy it... I'm afraid I'll go back since its so easy to do so.
I want to feel more disconnected than I do now. It will probably take a while to set in.

I did this because I find myself never getting on facebook when things are going well with my life. When I don't feel perpetually bored or alone and I feel satisfied with the relationships in my life, I never sit in front of fb and scan through profiles and pictures and messages.
So I decided to take it out of my life.. I want to fill the space with drawing or exorcising-both I should do more of.
Life is so fleeting, and to spend too much time with your brain turned off, is to waste the point of your existence- to enjoy yourself and everything around you to its fullest.

or at least that's what i think

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